Being a mum is more than a full time job in itself. When you add juggling motherhood with everyday hurdles, it can start to feels like you are flying on cloud 9.  You already spend so much time pouring out to your kids, job, clients, business etc. Unfortunately, this leaves you with little to no time to pour onto yourself. Taking time to step back and focus on your own self can help you overcome stress, anxiety, and so many challenges you face as a mother in business.

Founded by a mother of 2 running a home and juggling several businesses, Mamskloset was born to remind mothers that self care is the best form of care, and finding a balance  between motherhood and everyday hurdles is the best way to achieve success in your life.

Hence our mission is to provide you with the best products and self care products that will leave every mother feeling pampered, rejuvenated so you can juggle the journey of motherhood and life much smoother.