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3 in 1 Ladybug Sports Indoor Outdoor Entertainment Toy Game for Kids

3 in 1 Ladybug Sports Indoor Outdoor Entertainment Toy Game for Kids

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Looking for the Perfect Solution to Keep Your Bored Kids Entertained for Hours - So They Can Get Off Their Ipads, Stop those Tantrums & Get Active?


Then this 3 in 1 Entertainment Toy is the Solution...

Designed to look like an adorable ladybug, this vibrant and versatile indoor and outdoor training equipment will keep your little ones active, engaged, and entertained. Perfect for children aged 3 and up, this multi-functional toy combines exercise with imaginative play, ensuring a healthy lifestyle from an early age. This 3 in 1 provides perfect blend of fitness, fun, and imaginative play…

Here's What You Get With This 3 in 1 Toy...

1. Rotating Skipping Machine

This rotating skipping jumping rope improves balance and coordination whilst grooving to the music. It allows multiple people to jump rope at the same time making it fun. This is also great for engaging your children in a stepping exercise that promotes cardiovascular health and strengthens leg muscles..


2. Rocket Launcher

This rocket launcher comes with 2 foam rockets and a pump to activate all the fun. It is detachable and the kids can can assemble in less than thirty seconds. Great for enhancing your child’s hand-eye coordination and strengthening their bodies as they run around.



3. Throwing Ring Game

This ladybug throwing ring game is perfect for endless indoor/outdoor fun. It comes with 12 rings in 3 different colours (4 each) meaning 3 kids can play the game. It is easy to assemble, enhances fun and learning in your kids and enhances their coordination and teamwork skills – while having fun.


Why Every Parent Needs to Buy this Toy for Their Child...


By investing in this 3 in 1 Toy for Your Kids, parents can ensure their children are not only entertained but also developing essential physical, cognitive, and social skills. It’s a comprehensive, safe, and fun way to keep kids active and engaged, making it a must-have addition to any household.



Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)

Remote control battery: 1*CR2025(Included)

Appropriate age: 3+

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