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Grey High Waisted Tummy Control Gym Leggings for Women

Grey High Waisted Tummy Control Gym Leggings for Women

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Our high-waisted tummy control gym leggings for women are a popular choice among our mamas. These leggings are designed to provide both style and functionality, offering a flattering fit and added support for the midsection. They are commonly made from a blend of stretchy and breathable fabrics such as nylon and spandex.

These leggings are high waisted allowing for tummy control providing extra support and compression for the midsection. This feature can help to smooth out any lumps and bulges. This high waisted leggings sits above the navel which helps to compress and flatten the tummy area, providing a slimming effect. Great way to hide that mummy tummy. These leggings are buttery soft, do not shrink in the dryer, do not fade, and fully breathable and feels almost like a second skin.

The material of these leggings are non see-through making it perfect for use as you squat, bends and twist without any embarrassments. It is also so stretchy and designed to accommodate most body shapes and sizes.

Material: Product material: Polyester

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